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Tsvaga App

The Tsvaga App is currently available on Android. This app was built with an aim to ease the process of looking for accomodation, and addresses this issue by enabling property owners to post their available properties, including pictures. The app captures the coordinates of each property added making it easy for people to view the location of the property.
Of course its not only limited to accomodation, users are free to post any items they have available for sell, rent etc.
The app allows users to search for items that they are looking using a variety of filters. Users are also able to post searching for items they are looking for. Users are also able to browse for items by viewing items on the map. With the proliferation of whatspp groups that sell all sorts of things it gets difficulty to keep track of all groups or join them, hence the idea to centralize the market place.
This app provides real convinience to those that do not have the flexibilty to roa around the streets looking for their next home, it also solves the problem of bogus agents, who have been defrauding home seekers of their money.
The great thing about the app is its offline capabilities, you dont need an active internet connection to use the app all the time, as you only need to occasionally download new data and its saved on the device for offline use.

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Tsvaga app map screen
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How to use Tsvaga

Step 1: Launch the application and it will load the home screen. If its the first time it may take a while before it finishes loading ,as it will be fetching data from the server.
After it has done loading you can immediately start to browse available properties.

Step 2: To post items on Tsvaga, you can do so by hitting the options key on your mobile, whilst on the home screen which will reveal a menu and choose Post available item.
If you havent logged in or sign up it will take you to the sign up screen where you can sign up by entering your name, surname and mobile number.
After successfull sign up you are then taken to the home screen and you can do step number 2.

Step 3 :First turn on your mobile GPS and complete the forms by filling in the relevant information and click submit. when the entry has been successfully added you are taken the next screen where you can upload the item images. Please note you need your devices GPS to be turned on for this. It may take a while to get a lock on your position so be patient here mate!
You can upload as many images as you want , a minimum of 3 is recommended.

Step 4 : When you are done uploading your images you can simply press the back button and the app will go back to the home screen. Refresh the app to view your posted entry.


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